Passwords are problematic for humans. They should be random and strong and different. But on the other hand they should be easy enough to type if automatic fill is not possible (or desired).

Therefore people use password managers. But a lot of them are overloaded with functions which are not necessarily needed (e.g. extra VPN).
And, even worse, lot of them allow to copy passwords to the clipboard which is highly insecure! (Other apps could read the clipboard without any notice!)
And last but not least: Built-in password generators are common but it is still too easy to just create your own (weak) passwords.

Many password managers use the cloud to sync between platforms. So you have to trust that NSA doesn’t read your encrypted passwords from the cloud and tries to crack your master password with a quantum computer.

And all the passwords in the vault depend on one single master password!! For convenience users tend to choose a simple or guessable password. Or they have the challenge to remember a complex master password.

To address this problems, ANOTHERpass was created as a simple but secure offline password manager.

And how?